JoAnn Hoyt

Piano Teacher

Suzuki Piano Basics

JoAnn Hoyt has taught piano for several decades and has become a specialist in starting beginning and younger students (ages 4-12).  She attributes her success to her association with Dr. Haruko Kataoka.  Dr. Kataoka served as Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s accompanist at the Talent Education Institute in Matsumoto, Japan, where she began to research piano pedagogy based upon Dr. Suzuki’s methods of teaching violin.  During her forty years as Director of the Piano Program at the the Talent Education Institute, Dr. Kataoka was chosen by Dr. Suzuki to apply his methods to piano in developing the Suzuki Piano curriculum.  In the many years that Dr. Kataoka traveled to the United States to teach teachers, JoAnn had the opportunity to study directly with Dr. Kataoka.  JoAnn went on to develop a successful Suzuki Piano studio in the Seattle area, full of happy students and families.

JoAnn graduated from Wheaton College with a B.S. in Biology/Pre-Medicine and from Palmer College of Chiropractic with a D.C. degree.  Notwithstanding, her lifelong love has been piano. JoAnn began the study of piano at the age of seven in Pennsylvania, studying with Fulbright Scholar Carol Anderson and voice and organ with Herbert Fowler.  At the age of 16, JoAnn won the Young Artist Competition with the Hershey Symphony Orchestra, performing Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments.  At Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, she pursued Sacred Music and Music Education, studying voice with Helen Kemp, organ with James Litton, and choral arts with Robert Simpson and Dr. Joseph Flummerfelt.  Now leading the Suzuki Piano of the Palouse, JoAnn enjoys working with the children of the NSA Music Conservatory.