Heather Lloyd

Conservatory Administration
Mrs. Lloyd’s area of professional expertise is business development, with a special emphasis on the performing arts.  She served two terms as President of the Board at the Del E. Webb Center for Performing Arts in Wickenburg, Arizona and has personally developed several arts initiatives, including Camp Imagination, an arts camp that drew students from across the nation. Mrs. Lloyd personally founded and ran an arts academy for 15 years, directed a musical touring group for 8 years, then founded a Classical Christian Secondary program which incorporated a substantial emphasis on the arts.  Her passion for solid pedagogy in the arts brought her to New Saint Andrews Conservatory of Music, where she enjoys the opportunity to serve talented students who are being taught to glorify God through their classical training in music.  Mrs. Lloyd resides in Moscow with her husband of 28 years, her five children and her -to date – five grandchildren.